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Transport Tales

Novan  CoverPicTransport Tales, Volume 1: Novan is, as the name implies, the first book of a series. It’s about falling in love, with a bit of betrayal, which makes it a Romance. And on a space ship, so: Futuristic Romance.

Like it’s historical sister-book, To Touch Ice, most of the story progresses in bed(s), which classifies as Erotic Romance — with “mostly” polite language (a couple of characters do curse from time to time).

Novan also has some “highly intuitive” characters, making it slightly paranormal in that respect.

There’s an alien pairing, and a bisexual character who also likes aliens (though we only see him being “intimate” with a lady), so the term “omnisexual”  might even be an appropriate term to consider in a description.

Technically, there’s not really enough science to speak of, but it’s being a Futuristic Romance (spent mostly in bed) seems to place it into an Erotic Sci-Fi Romance sub-genre — sort of.

I think of it as a speculative “how-they-met” romantic Love Story fantasy in space.

Here’s the mini-blurb:
Selena is obsessed with the Shoxnan. Mecha is obsessed with Selena. Maggie is hopelessly in love with Mecha. Kent and his lady both like bedding the Fleesor Ambassador. ~Never mind Chiela’s antics, the trouble with colonizing Floura, Shoxnan venom, Mecha’s temper, the Kent-Selena connection, or that Selena & Mecha share a son … who’s not exactly the innocent little kid he appears to be.

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Transport Tales, Volume 1: Novan
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glossaries for this series can be found at
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