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Sapphire Wolf

Sapphire Wolf CoverPicSapphire Wolf  is a glimpse into a  world of pleasantly odd and unusual twists on wolf-man dog-man lore.

It’s steampunk, and a paranormal Love Story fantasy, with metaphysical elements, and a touch of mystery. —But no horror.

I think of it as a steampunk wolf-man dog-man tale (and Love Story) that was fun to write.

Here’s the mini-blurb:
Raylee spots the man of her dreams. Except, he’s not exactly a man.
~ Which makes her even more determined to claim him for her own.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sapphire Wolf
is available as an eBook

at these online stores
Barnes & Noble
Apple iTunes
Sony eBook ReaderStore

Kobo eBooks
Diesel eBook Store
(or the amazon site where you shop)

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