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Assorted Shorts

Assorted Shorts  CoverPicAs the name implies, Assorted Shorts is a collection of five assorted short stories. They range from futuristic to whimsical.

These stories span my writing life. And while each one has a special place in my affections, they’re not of my usual full-length “Love Story novel” variety.

And. Although Assorted Shorts refuse to be Love Stories, two of them do share characters with Love Story novels:
~ Fleesor Justice is set in my futuristic Love Story universe … as a side-note to the actual series, which begins with Transport Tales, Volume 1: Novan (futuristic love story in space).
~ And Rohan’s Touch provides a sort of  “sideways-glance” at a Love Story in my more contemporary— not yet published — Perfect Mates collection (retro-setting love stories).

Here are the mini-blurb descriptions:
A booklet of Fantasy/Speculative-Fiction short stories:

Fleesor Justice
~ A Fleesor’s Human pet attempts a Trial of Freedom.
~ futuristic fantasy on another world, 3062 words

Tempt a Legend
~ Ricker ignores an age-old warning.
~ legend tale, 640 words

Rohan’s Touch
~ A fictional character breaches a writer’s physical world.
~ altered reality, 856 words

Bristle Ordeal
~ Cantana faces surgery to prevent a deadly disease.
~ altered perspective, 931 words

in the box
~ Fairy and Unicorn counter-voice Slug and Toad in a lid-keeper’s box.
~ whimsical fantasy about being different, 1527 words

I’ve also included samples from these Love Story novels:
“Transport Tales, Volume 1: Novan”
~ futuristic romance-fantasy Love Story in space
“To Touch Ice”
~ historical-setting romance-fantasy Love Story
“Sapphire Wolf”
~ a steampunk wolf-man dog-man tale (also a Love Story)
“Perfect Mates ~ Sultry Heat: Krish”
~ 1990’s retro-setting romance-fantasy Love Story

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Assorted Shorts
is available as an eBook

at these online stores
Barnes & Noble
Apple iTunes

Sony eBook ReaderStore
Kobo eBooks
Diesel eBook Store
(or the amazon site where you shop)

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