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Touch Trilogy

To Touch Ice  CoverPicTo Touch Ice begins a Love Story trilogy set about 1900. According to Wikipedia, that categorizes it as “Historical” and of a variety called “Americana.” —Even though there’s no real history stuff in it, and I take liberties with the “fashionable fashion” of the time.

Since it’s about people falling in love, and their unfolding relationship, it also classifies as “Romance.” The fact that they spend most of this book in bed (where most of the story progresses), also classes it as an “Erotic Romance,” even though the language is far more polite (and the sex far less explicit) than one might expect from an “Erotic” label.

Technically, it’s also paranormal … because the hero is, well, “highly intuitive.” We just don’t see the more obvious paranormal angles until book 2.

 I, personally, think of it as a “how-they-met” romantic Love Story fantasy about the deepening of lover-bonds. But that doesn’t seem to be a genre.

Here’s the mini-blurb:
Melynda falls for a lowly ranch hand whose steel-blue eyes seem able to “look clean through to the bone.”
~ turns out … they can.
~ not exactly the “drifter” she thinks he is, though.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sequel, To Touch Life,  is more obviously paranormal. After all, our hero is befriending Panthers and a mysterious Shaman, birthing babies, and confronting a powerful Witch’s curse. And yet, still a Love Story.

Another couple “deepens lover bonds,” so possibly still Erotic Romance. And. It’s still happening about 1900, so still in the Americana variety of Historical Romance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Book 3, To Touch Love, moves on to the next generation … finishing up our story by finding love for the babies birthed in book 2.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To Touch Ice is available in eBook and paperback.
Look for it at your favorite online store.

links to the most common ones are listed here

the eBook  To Touch Ice  by PJ Port
Barnes & Noble
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Kobo eBooks
Diesel eBook Store
(or the amazon site where you shop)

the trade paperback  To Touch Ice  by Peggy Jane
Barnes & Noble
Trafford Publishing
(or the amazon site where you shop)

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.To Touch Ice  CoverPic
<~ paperback
To Touch Ice
by Peggy Jane
eBook ~>
To Touch Ice
by PJ Port
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